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Who we are & what we do.

Staywood Design is an architectural design firm that focuses on the design of local financial institutions’ retail locations. Staywood has architectural expertise in aesthetics, business operations, but most importantly, branch security.

We keep an institution’s unique brand in mind when designing. We make sure your business space feels exactly like the experience that only your organization can provide.

Our Methodology

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Branch Security

We understand that keeping your business safe and secure is the most important element when designing your space, that’s why we became experts. Our designer has 10 years of experience with financial institution design and stays up to date on the latest advancements in financial retail security.

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Business Operations

We work to know how your business operates before we begin designing. Understanding the ins and outs of your day to day operations helps us create the most efficient space for your employees and clientele.

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Beautiful Aesthetics

Having an inviting space where your account holders feel welcomed helps your business grow. We design spaces that are inviting but also speak to your unique brand.

Real Estate Research

We believe in building your business in the right place. We offer Real Estate Research to help determine the best site for your next retail location.

Our analysis includes population data and a commercial property study that will not only inform your retail location decision, but can help with your future marketing.

Branding Matters

Whether you’re looking to increase your branding at retail or elevate your brand across all marketing channels, we can help. Staywood’s team of marketing experts and skilled designers understand how to create a seamless brand image within the branch and all platforms.

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Our Origin

We grew up with a creative Dad, who used to tell his own variations of classic fairy tales to help us learn life lessons. One of the most indelible was his take on the story of Pinocchio. Being Midwesterners, the lesson of hard work and perseverance is highly valued. Our Dad tried to show us this by telling us Pinocchio’s story and saying that if Pinocchio had chosen to “stay wood” that he wouldn’t have had to endure all the chaos of his journey. However, his dreams would have never come true.

Staywood Design is our dream coming true and it is the vehicle for all of clients dreams turning into reality. 

-Staywood’s founders

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